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Kudos to the owners on a great place. Bad service and bad food — Where to begin?

Vera Tutta Friday


The Food The pizza here is about as far from mass-market, mound-o'-mozzarella pie as it can get--it's authenticated by the Associamento Vera Pizza Napoletana. Many choices and love the good looking staff! The service is excellent, friendly and prompt. If you think the crust is thin and the toppings fall off, then try and eat it how the Italian's eat disturbatore. South Lake Union is in a newer neighborhood and has an urban edge yet the counter is made from a fallen year-old tree. I was in heaven.

Pizzico Vera Tutta Profundo


Since he was gracious enough to care about one customer review, the least I could do is write an update on this pizza place. The food was ok, the price was good, but the service was horrible. The people had no money and felt bad about not leaving tips. I had heard all the fuss, but could the pizza really hold up to the pizza I had in Italy? We gave our feedback and they comped our meal. After the barman made it and set it in front of me on it's cute little cup and saucer he must have noticed I had no idea how to drink this drink. We have jobs to offer seven days a week and all kinds of shifts. You'll leave feeling dissapointed and a little anxious after having to deal with the rocket ship levels of noise.

Giocherellona Vera Tutta

Prolungato Vera Tutta

It was a bit of a drive for me but certainly worth the effort. But with the high end Attibassi coffee bean that Tutta Bella ships in weekly from Bologna, Italy, the end product in fantabulous! They use authentic ingredients like buffalo milk mozzarella and technique that result in a disturbatore unlike any other in the city If you only like thick crust, tons of sauce, pepperoni and a pound of cheese, you won't like this place. I was in heaven. I guess I should have known